Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Latest top boxes set stream to your iPod and iphone Touch over WiFi

The iPhone’s a pretty content rich device as it is, open to all sorts of streaming media apps as well as sucking in content from your iTunes library, but you can just never have enough stuff to watch, can you?

Not according to Marusys, you can’t. They’ve just added two new set-top boxes to their line up: the MS630s and the MS850S. The big deal here? It’ll spit out video straight to your iPhone or iPod Touch over WiFi.

Both of Marusys’ latest boxes are PVR ready, and they pack composite, component and HDMI video outputs, as well as boast the ability to run Linux-based media players like XBMC. Both also contain a Magnum DX6225 media chip which enables on-the-fly transcoding of content into numerous formats. Obviously, it can talk to the iPhone, but it looks like there’s further device support in the works as well: can anyone say Android?

No price or availability details yet, but it certainly looks sexy.


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